NCAA Football Point Spreads

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If you know how the NCAA football odds work, then you can skip down to the bottom of this page and see what the numbers are for this week’s set of games. If you are new to betting or just want to refresh your understanding then keep reading this article.

There are a couple of different main wagers bettors make on college games. The first is the point spread. This is the number that the odds maker puts on game to balance the action out between the two teams. The favorite has to win by more than this number in order for their backers to come through, if the favorite wins but wins by less than the spread then the people who bet on that team lose their wager. When you are betting on the underdog you can either win the game outright and cash, or even lose, but lose by less than the spread. You get the score “plus the points” with the underdog or “minus the points” if you are taking the favorite.

Another popular bet is the total or over-under. This is the expected total points going to be scored by both teams combined. As you can imagine you can either bet the game to go over the total or under it. Most of the general public fall in love with the over because they like seeing high scoring games, so don’t fall into that trap without doing the necessary research.

You can also bet the money line. You don’t have to worry about a spread here, all that matters is who is going to win the game. However you have to bet more money on the favorites in order to place your wager, but if you want to take the underdog then you have to bet less to win more. Of course how much more depends on how big of a dog the team you want to wager on is.

Check out below for the latest NCAA football odds. There will be spreads, totals, and lines so you will have all the information on the most popular wagers ready at your disposal.

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