College Football Betting

5Dimes is a great spot to bet college football this year.  They offer reduced juice on most college games, giving you a significant edge throughout the course of a season!

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Expert NCAA Football Picks

If you are looking for expert football picks then take a real hard look at Larry Cook from Info Plays. This handicapper has been around the sports industry for years, and is known to be a great source for football information. His team at Info Plays works hard to go through the stats, trends, and matchups […]

Football Betting Glossary

Action Action means bets. Having action means having a bet. Action has a special meaning for baseball bets: Its means the bet counts even even if there is a change in starting pitchers. If there is a pitcher change accompanied by an odds change, the action bettor will receive the new odds. The default is […]

NCAA Football Betting: Money Management

Money management is the number one reason why most sports gamblers lose and is just as important as picking winners. You might be a good handicapper but without proper money management you will fall in the category of a number of bettors who can pick games with consistency but also lose with just as much […]

NCAA Football Betting Picks

Every weekend we get comments on how much people won off of our handicappers NCAA football betting picks. Simply put our guys know how to win and do so for clients consistently. If you want an honest handicapper who only puts out best bets, then head on over and sign up for our handicapping packages today. Get […]

NCAA Football Handicapper Free Picks

Each year the NCAA football free picks released by our handicappers help visitors choose which service they want to go with. These expert handicappers have been giving it to the sportsbooks for quite some time now and are some of the most famous services in the industry. Their big plays hit at a very high rate, so […]

NCAA Football Handicapping Picks

For excellent NCAA football picks that will leave your sportsbook begging for mercy, look no further than the cappers here at our site. Each year thousands and thousands of people flock here to receive the expertise and insight that the high rollers across the world have grown accustomed to. There simply isn’t a group of bigger names in […]

NCAA Football Point Spreads

When you are ready to start betting the NCAA football odds then there really is no better site to help you start cashing in on all of your bets that right here. We have the best college football picks in the world, we rate all over the top sportsbooks for where you should be placing […]

NCAA Football Betting Rules

These are general rules for NCAA football betting. All rules will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook so be sure to check your sportsbook rules. GENERAL: All sporting events must be played on the scheduled day unless otherwise specified. Sporting events postponed and then rescheduled, will automatically constitute a no action wager, and all money will […]